Woller Oy

Steel con­struction spe­cialist

in the Nordic coun­tries and also Germany

We are your partner even in demanding steel pro­jects

Woller Oy was founded in need at the beginning of 2019. We spe­cialize in the assembly and main­tenance of steel con­struction work. Our project targets include power plants and indus­trial buildings - in addition we are also cer­tified to work at Nuclear Power Plants.

We are cur­rently working at the OL3 NPP Nuclear Power Plant site in Olkiluoto 3 and as the project is in its final phase right now our expertise will also be used for other pro­jects.

We put into practice your metal needs from design to imple­ment­ation

Our strong expertise enables the imple­ment­ation of steel assem­blies even for demanding pro­jects. If necessary we take care of project from the beginning to the end - from design to imple­ment­ation and install­ation.

It is also pos­sible to order smaller units from us according to the wishes and needs of you Our company is ded­icated to work according to high safety standards and taking into account all safety risks. We con­tinu­ously train our per­sonnel in accordance with safety reg­u­la­tions.

In addition to Finland and the Scand­inavian region we also operate in Germany where our cus­tomers are served by our own contact person.

Examples of our ser­vices and know-how

  • HPEM pro­tection
  • Welding according to cus­tomer require­ments with cer­ti­ficates 111/135/136/141
  • High quality doors and gates for nuclear power plants, power plants and other pro­jects
  • Design and install­ation of struc­tural fire pro­tection in cer­tified HILTI systems
  • Fire pro­tection, physical pro­tection, radi­ation pro­tection and air­craft col­lision pro­tection for high-level safety struc­tures, such as nuclear power plants
  • Install­ation of facades according to cus­tomer wishes and needs

In cooper­ation with Sommer GmbH

We cooperate with SOMMER FAS­SADENSYSTEME-STAHLBLAU-SICH­ER­HEIT­S­TECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG. KG in Scand­inavia and Germany.

Woller Oy is the only qual­ified and cer­tified sup­plier and service pro­vider for all doors and spare parts pro­duced by SOMMER GmbH in the Nordic coun­tries, for example at the OL3 Nuclear Power Plant.

We are Reliable Partner

Woller Oy is a member of Reliable Partner in the Vastuu Group – program.

Luotettava Kumppani


We have strong years of exper­ience and expertise in our field. Contact us and we will discuss more about your project needs and wishes.

Contact persons in Finland:

Vladimir Mostka

Site Manager / QHSE Super­visor

Minna Vilhula

Admin­is­trative Assistant


Lep­päkaari 2
86100 Pyhäjoki